Change your food. Change your health destiny.
Weight Loss Advantage™ Master Class

Presented by Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., Ed.D.
Founder, Weight Loss Advantage™

Learn the #1 "No Dieting" Way to Lose Weight and End Dieting Forever.


  • Why the popular diets we read about can’t work long term … and why eating more is the only way to lose weight
  • How the “Bliss Point” conspiracy traps people in an endless weight loss-regain cycle … and what you need to do to get out of it
  • My top 3 secrets to permanent weight loss, without feeling hungry or deprived
  • How to naturally skyrocket your energy and get back to doing things you loved but had to stop
  • The 4 possible future outcomes available to you over the next 12 months … and a simple roadmap to motivate transformation in the right direction
  • And of course, the 4 step system that transformed my weight and health, and that of many others who I’ve shared it with
Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed., Ed.D.
Founder, The Weight Loss Advantage™


Jeanne Schumacher is a health and wellness coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of www.WeightLossAdvantage.CO

She’s most known for helping people to change their health destiny through a plant based education.

She pulls her wisdom from years of connecting with people in the health industry and creating educational programs that help people to change their health destiny.


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